Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekly Update

Since I don't have the time to sit down and make up several blog posts I've been wanting to write about I decided to just do a gobblety goo fest of things going on::

First things first..

WOOHOOO CHELLY! She has saved me from the fate of 12 followers and bumped me back up to 13. Thank you , thank you! Ask and you shall receive? Or maybe build it and they will come? Now everyone go visit her (dudes, link provided above) b/c she's awesome enough to bring me out of my 12 follower funk (not that the rest of my followers aren't awesome too- love you all!)

Next things next..

Someone stinks in the house and I can't figure it out. I've checked the baby three times and he is not poopy. Must be mystery toots as he runs by b/c I swear the kid stinks until I get him up close and personal ..

And also..

I finally remembered to toss food in the crock pot! Yay me! I have a menu on the fridge with the best of intentions thinking that if I have an actual menu then at least I wont have to come up with the food idea- just make it. Somehow it fails me b/c I either forget to unthaw (apparently unthaw is not a word which thinking about I realize unthawing would be freezing so I really meant thaw out.. oh hush!) the planned menu food in time to make supper or I completely forget to toss it in the crock pot(ha ha spellcheck thinks that crockpot should be crackpot which makes me giggle internally every time I think about it!) in the AM which is the whole point of the crock pot- making my suppertime hour easier..

Last week 5 of the 6 Chaos young ones were sick. Fevers, coughs, snot galore. Everyone is well again (aside from an occasional cough but with 4 of the 6 having asthma, that's to be expected) except Baby Bug. Sneeze happens and everyone goes running with a snot blanket b/c he's bound to have it hanging to his toes. This is the same kid that was sick at the beginning of the month, only to get well for less than a week and get sick again. He was on antibiotics the ENTIRE winter last year. Low immune system? Who knows but I'm hoping we can try to avoid it this year.
Everyone lucked out and is now not receiving the much anticipated (with fear and crying) flu shots as our Dr ran out the day before Momma, Spoiled Princess & Baby Bug were due to get theirs. Drool Prince was to get his at the allergy dr (egg allergy= flu shot @ allergy dr along w/ shot to avoid reaction to flu shot) yesterday who conveniently also ran out. Oldest 3 were to get theirs @ school tomorrow but naturally our county ran out and neglected to save back the allotted amount for the schools- oops.

I checked Southern Darlin's backpack last nite and found her school pics! I cried. lol. My first pics of just her (professional). Awww! Kinda like those first newborn pics ;) And they are beautiful! I don't know about you but I rarely buy school pics b/c they come across looking nothing like said child. We prefer to go to Picture People and get our pics (instant gratification!). But I decided since I bought school pics from Kindy- 3grade on the oldest two, I should do the same with the youngest 4. I just wasn't expecting much. They captured Southern Darlin' perfectly!!

Big news of the week : We had TPR trial for Baby Bug earlier in the week. Daddy Chaos had planned on going to sit in on the trial and report back to me on everything that had happened (I was not allowed since I was testifying & they filed a separation of witness thingy.. blah!), but alas Baby Bug was not feeling well and super pissy (I won't even say what spellcheck thought pissy should be but there was a different vowel involved and it's a word that I don't say, cuz I'm delicate like that) so we decided it would be harsh to leave him with the appointed babysitter & Daddy stayed home with him. I testified and didn't puke once! yay me! Word is that trial went very well. Now we sit and wait (til Dec at least) for the decision. Fingers crossed all around. Bad news is that we have to continue visits until the decision is in. I'm sure they will be very uncomfortable if the evil looks that bmom gave me during trial are anything to go by. I'm fairly certain she's not too happy with me when I testified to Baby Bug's behaviors before and after visits. I was not comfortable doing it because I do feel badly for her but the truth is the truth.

Other big news of the week : Daddy Chaos is having back surgery tomorrow. Wish him luck- not on the surgery, but on surviving being home for at least 3wks w/o me killing him. I love Daddy Chaos very very much, but like anything -too much of a good thing and I want to wring the good thing's neck. Have I mentioned before how a sick (or in pain) man is worse than at least 3 of the Chaos kiddos ? On top of surgery, pain & dealing with me ~ we get the fun of figuring out how to pay bills when Daddy is out of vacation time, does not get sick pay & disability doesn't kick in til he's off work for at least 9days. Fun times. Oh yeah and the lovely surgeon demanded a big chunk of money that we did not have up front before even doing surgery. Love it.

Wish us luck! We're only handed what we can handle right?


  1. Prayers that the surgery will go ok!! please let us know

  2. Wow. You had TPR trial and surgery the same week and we had permanency hearing for our 3 foster children and my son's surgery the same week also. Makes for much stress. In our state the judge has 10 days to make a decision about TPR after the trial. I can't imagine having to wait until Dec. Hope the time goes fast for you.


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