Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bird in hand.. or on hand..

I got out of the van @ preschool yesterday to pick up the .. well, the preschoolers . Walked around the front of the van w/ Baby Bug on the hip only to feel something hit my hand.

Immediately I look @ Baby Bug's face. He has this snot issue going on and when he sneezes WATCH OUT! Sometimes when he's not sneezing snot will just drip out onto whatever surface he is near. I know, it's gross. But no , the face is clean & clear..


So I looked down at my hand and shrieked a 4yr old girl shriek!



A passing bird apparently decided that my hand looked like a nice place to drop some crap.


Picture me scurrying back around the van trying not to shriek again all the while one handed-which that one good hand is holding Baby Bug who has now discovered that Mommy has something wrong with her other hand and he really really wants to see it NOW!

Yeah it was fun trying to dig for tissues and wipe that nastiness off.

All I'm saying is that it'd better not happen again. At least it was semi-private. A bird once did it's duty on my uncle's shoulder in the middle of a photo shooting moment @ DISNEY.. heheee, ok remembering that did make me feel a little bit better but I still think I'll go scrub my hand a few more times.


  1. I'll never forget when I was a little kid and sitting out in the yard with my grandma...and a bird came along and crapped on her head.

  2. Yuck. I guess everyone at some point has one of these stories. lol I was at my kids baseball game sitting on the bleachers and some really sick bird with a horrible stomach virus went all down the side of my head, onto my shoulder, down my arm and on my leg. I screamed like there was no tomorrow and everyone ran off the bleachers when they saw me. It was the grossest thing EVER!!!!!


    but I have been told its good luck?!!?!?! dont know who for LMAO!


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