Friday, October 30, 2009

He's home !

As I mentioned yesterday , Daddy Chaos underwent back surgery today. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers! We appreciated them!!

Naturally I took some pics to share :) Daddy Chaos is trying to claim this is his "halloween costume" but I think he liked wearing the 'pantyhose' just a little bit too much.

Pre-op picture time! Look at those legs.. ohhh la la! Sorry ladies, all mine! Ohh and Daddy would like to note that the socks (which I did not capture well- sorry!) are completely idiot proof as the tread is on top AND bottom. So you can't put them on upside down although we did decide if you tried hard enough, you could probably put them on sideways?

While Daddy was in surgery, I sat in the waiting room .

I drank a Starbucks hot chocolate which was not very chocolatey.. Color me disappointed.

I ate the most awesomest breakfast sandwich (at less than $2) which sufficiently clogged my arteries & add 2lbs of plumpness I did not need but was soooo worth it. Let me just say - english muffin, cheese, HUGE pile of bacon, cheese, egg, cheese , english muffin- ALL toasted and o.m.G!!

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah.. Daddy's surgery. They had this uber (it needs the little dots over the u but who knows how to do that?) cool screen which had your name in secret agent code. For example DC's was " CH, RD" ( Chaos, R? Daddy) and it would show your loved ones (me) where you were in the procedure. So if you were in the operating room it'd have the time you went back BUT if the surgery had actually started then there was a little surgeon face w/ mask on it. If they were closing up, there was a little scar w/stitches, if you were in recovery there was a bandaid. Anyhoo I was impressed and kept trying to get discreet pictures but the dang monitor was really high on the wall and it was impossible to get a picture w/o holding your camera up and taking a very obvious picture. Which seemed kinda weird to me. Don't judge me, I got up at 3am- maybe I was paranoid.

So surgery went well. The super secret highly popular surgeon seems to think that perhaps he's a bit too busy and important to actually meet with the family face to face after surgery. Instead I was sent to a room and did a VIDEO conference with the man who was in the SAME BUILDING as me.. Honestly? End result- surgery went great. Daddy Chaos' nerve was squished flatter than a pancake (he repeated this multiple times which leads me to believe it will become one of those stories " I had this patient once who's nerve was squished flatter than a pancake!") so he fixed it all & due to Daddy's youthful age he feels everything will repair itself. Yay Daddy!

Riding home sleeping. This picture is much prettier than the one of him w/ his mouth hanging open. Plus I highly doubt he'd let me post drool. Still see those hands? Yup, those belong to me too.. Sorry ladies!

We are home now, safely sleeping on the couch. The front pillow is my sacrifice to try and make Daddy a little safer from the monster Baby Bug. He's only been hit with a shoe once so far so I think we're doing good!

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