Friday, June 12, 2009

Update finally.. yes I suck

My bad.. See I think that I blog about things.... I plan to blog about them and then I get sidetracked with the baby, or the toddlers or.. ohh something shiny!! and I never get around to saying it here. Yet I go on as if I already told ya'll about it.. oops.. Kids suck your brain right out.. That little portion that holds any memories (and multiplication facts!) seems out with each kid that you raise.. That's my theory & I'm sticking with it.

Anyhoo- when we last left off, I had managed to get that darn ICPC pushed thru from my state to sending state to adoption worker in 1 day. Yes, I'm awesome. You may kiss my feet. or not.

So on that same day, the adoption worker emailed me that she had received it and ICPC was approved!!!! How long have we waited for this? Then I got the next email from her..

Here's a list of things we need to get done before placement can be made.. There were SEVEN items on that darn list.. SEVEN! Thankfully some could happen in the background while we worked together on the rest.. First up- subsidy.. What the heck? Subsidy paperwork before she's even here? Seems assbackwards to me but whatever?!

Long story short- in the past 2wks (doesn't seem like it's been that long!) , we have filled out paperwork, emailed back and forth with the adoption worker about 100zillion times (honestly, the Adoption Worker is absolutely freakin AWESOME! She totally gets the excitement & is very dedicated to her job!), planned our trip , found a hotel room that would fit the entire Chaos Clan, bartered w/ the hotel & got them to drop the price by $40/nite !!

Right now the plan is for us to be down there and have our first official meeting next Friday! We're staying for a little over a week & and having visits with Southern Darlin' every day. She may even get to spend the nite at our hotel with us for a nite or two. Can you say SUPER EXCITED? The Adoption worker has to escort Southern Darlin' to our home (ie. we can't bring her home with us) so we have to leave and come home with out her :( But we are hoping for placement very soon (as in... within days..)after we get home again.. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes as planned..

And not to bring down from the super excitement.. but anyone have advice on meeting a 5yo for the first time? I'm just a tad bit nervous.. lol.. I mean hello? How do I introduce myself? Ahhh!!


  1. This is just so exciting!! So happy for you!

    And I really don't have any tips for you on meeting her, because I, personally, would just burst into tears and slobber all over her!

  2. lol Hope!! That is what I'm afraid I'll do.. Probably scare the poor kid off !:)

  3. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I actually have experience in meeting two 5 yr old boys for the first time last year! I was nervous. They were nervous. But we just smiled and introduced ourselves using our names. Then our kids chatted away and all was good. I just asked easy questions like "You like dogs?" "What's your favorite color?" I brought a coloring book and crayons and some little cars and we were good to go. Good luck!

  4. My friend told me you lose 10 IQ points for each kid, 20 if the kid has special needs. I was like, well dang, thats it for me then!

  5. Oh yeah, coloring books are always good, with a box of fresh crayons. No one can resist that. Or funky markers with glitter. My girls, 4 and 6, like Dora a lot. They like Tinkerbell and Dragontales. T likes Spiderman. The Disney chics are popular too. Arty things you can do yourself if she takes some time to warm up.

  6. Very exciting for your family, I hope you have a safe trip. Since you will be her new mom (and dad), maybe you can introduce yourself as mama **** (with your name). Then she will eventually drop the name and call you mama when she feels comfortable. This worked for some friends that adopted toddlers directly from their birth parents (bad story). Good Luck! :)


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