Thursday, June 11, 2009

The needs of an almost 18yo..

Soo as ya'll (see how I'm getting all southern on ya? hehehe) know we are heading to the hot as hell lovely Lonestar state very soon to meet our precious new Southern Darlin'...

We tend to forget sometimes that there are little pesky things that might need taken care of here at the castle de Chaos.. Such as.. ohh, I dunno.. watering the doggie.. feeding said doggie.. Maybe even taking said mentioned doggie out to go potty.. I mean who would forget simple things like that? Surely not me..

So it's been arranged that Smellsy will be coming over to house/doggie sit while we are gone. Is it smart to leave a not quite legal adult alone in my house w/ access to everything here? No probably not.. But we all do what we must right? Besides, she's free cheap. (not that way.. gross) Give her some internet access (via her own account cuz she ain't snooping thru my junk!), a remote and a fridge of food and she'll be good.. I think.

In order for Smellsy to actually have food to eat that does not take preparing (ie. cooking.. what teenager cooks when they dont have to?) I requested a grocery list.. I requested nicely.. I txt'd her several times this week reminding her (cuz -hello, teen brains dont work on more than one thing at a time) to bring said list.

Finally I had to get downright mean. I threatened her w/ sending Daddy Chaos shopping for her food in which case she'd be getting some spam, wheat germ, whey protein and whatever gross sounding thing he could find and put in the cart.

Guess what arrived today before lunch?? The requested grocery list.. Which I will now share with you , so you now can know what it takes to feed and sustain a 17goingon18 yr old for 12days.

I present to you Item 1:

Pretty easy to please, ain't she? Sorry, you can't have her.. or borrow her.. She's all mine.. My house/doggie sitter.. Nah nah.. Yeah, I know you're jealous :)

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