Monday, October 13, 2008

College time already? I swore I just changed your diaper!

My oldest niece is coming over tonite to look up college stuff with me on the lovely ole internet. Smellsy (she would soooo smack me for using that nickname!) was born when I was 14 & ironically is 14 years older than Spoiled Princess - just a funny little connection that I think is cool, cuz yeah I'm a nerd. I can distintly remember the day she was born & all of her infancy.. I got to babysit alot & she was the first itty bitty entrusted into my care. Smellsy doesn't have the best of homelife but I won't get into that in this post b/c quite frankly it's just too long.

Daddy Chaos & I kinda adopted Smellsy & her younger sister - we took them on vacations with us and just overall included them when we could.

Smellsy is 17 & a junior in highschool. She's such a beautiful person inside and out. Even though she is 8th in her class, very active in various school stuff & pretty darn popular, she has a low self esteem.. When we were talking about college and where she wanted to go, she told me that she secretly would love to go to one of the Ivy League schools but knew she'd never get in.. Excuse me? This is a child of my heart & she thinks she's not good enough to even TRY?? Naturally I set her straight in my subtle totally not bossy or pushy way (ha- quit laughing!).

Regardless, we're goign to spend a few hours researching colleges tonite.. Anyone wanna suggest any?? She hopes to be a heart surgeon.. a girl after my own heart :)

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