Monday, October 13, 2008

I hate changes..

I received Drool Prince's most recent caseplan in the mail (goal is adoption by us! YAH!!) and didn't get past the very first page before the steam was rolling out of my ears. I probably should have waited til I cooled down just a tad before I grabbed the phone up and dialed Stupid County, but you know me...

For those of you not familiar with a caseplan (or perhaps they are different from state to state?), the very first page states everyone's information. BM, BD, CW, Supervisor, Director, Casa, and then us.. Fosterparents.. BM & BD both have addresses fully displayed but it's no big secret. CW, Supervisor, director & Casa all show DCS' address.. Now normally when you get to our names the address/phone number lines are blank for us- as they should be. We had a little issue with Spoiled Princess' biodad getting our address/phone number & calling us collect (from jail) plus writing to us. Our home information is NOT to be given to bios!! I give them a friends address to write to & my cell # to call but that's it.. Ok , that was long but still..

Imagine my surprise when I looked next to our names and found our FULL address and HOME phone number.. My lid basically came unhinged.. NO NO NO NO...

So probably I was less than friendly when I called to find out what in the Hell was going on.. Probably.. When I finally got passed along to my friend that normally fills out these papers and asked her WTH she was smoking to put my info on the papers, she informed me that since DP changed CWs (long story and I'm not happy about that either), another girl was now filling out the forms.. She would talk to her to find out what the heck was going on & get back with me..

Thankfully in the end it was determined that the bioparents did not receive copies of the caseplan since they are already officially terminated but I'm pretty sure my friend gave the other girl a tasting of my wrath & let's just hope she doesn't screw up like this on the baby's caseplan!! If they feel that my address needs to be made public, then by god their's should be as well! Hopefully this was just a simple mistake since the switch of hands and it wont happen again..

Whew! I feel much better getting that off my chest :)


  1. Oh, I would be LIVID!! I'm glad to hear they didn't actually get copies. Gosh what a nightmare. *hugs*

  2. EEEEEK!! Glad you let them have it! The sibs bmom claims she knows where we live, and she very well might, but I don't want to give her that info in case she's wrong!

    I haven't read on here in forever, good to catch up. :D Not that I don't talk to you often, but still fun to read!



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