Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Secret Squirrel

Once upon a time.. In a land far, far away..
(from you not me..)
( well unless you were my neighbor but that's beside the point)
There once was a squirrel.

This was no ordinary squirrel as he might want you to think..
Noo ! This was a super secret agent squirrel (henceforth known as SSAS).

Sure , he'd like you to think he's a normal everyday squirrel just coming around to eat the left over bird food split on the ground from the piggie birds fighting over a place to roost and eat b/c someone (certainly not me) is too cheap to buy yet another bird feeder.. ahem..

But then he goes and does this :

In the RAIN..

Yup, he's that good.

Naturally being the SSAS that he really is.. He then perches on top and sits til for 5 minutes trying to convince those of us watching from the window 5ft away that he is a statue.

Yes indeed, you have a birdfeeder w/a SQUIRREL statue perched on top b/c surely no real squirrel would just sit there like that in the rain.

Or turn to look at you with disgust ..
A look that clearly says would you PUT that camera away already?!!

Finally SSAS will realize that no matter how long he sits trying to pretend he's a statue..
Momma Chaos knows better. You can't put one over on me.. No siree..

So just in case you were wondering.. THIS is how squirrels get bird feed out of supposedly squirrel proof bird feeders..

Go Figure..

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