Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

Baby Bug had a MRI today (why is it that I always -every single time- want to type "An" MRI? I mean MRI does not start with a vowel or vowel sound.. WHY do I have to fix that error every blessed time?). A few questions floated thru my mind during the process :

1. They use sedation for little ones to have MRIs.. Why is it that the sedation takes effect in basically 10seconds (I kid you not!), they stay completely still during the entire procedure- get pulled out of the MRI machine, unwrapped and IMMEDIATELY sit up awake.. Honestly, how does that happen? I mean how do they know that oops, it's time to get up Right Now?

2. hmm we leave for Tx tomorrow, this time next week I'll have already met Southern Darlin'.. ( I didn't say all random thoughts/questions would be MRI related!)

3. Ok I know MRI's make noise- lots of it (bonus, earplugs given for MRI will be nice for long car trip coming up.. SCORE!) but I never realized that it talked. Maybe it's just me and I'm a little odd (ok we all know I'm a little odd.. get back to the point!) but I swear during the washing machine spin cycle noise the darn machine was saying "ucky potty.. ucky potty.. ucky potty".. Now why a MRI would want to say ucky potty to me?I have no clue, I'm just stating what happened.

4. I wonder if I can convince Daddy Chaos to go to work early so he can come home early, so we can LEAVE early? probably not but worth thinking of a way to try and bribe him...

And there you have it.. MRI's talk to me, in weird ways. Go figure! Results should be in within a week! Send good MRI vibes, k?


  1. Use your womanly ways, Daddy Chaos will quit his job to cater to your whims.

    I personally vote for "an MRI". No reasoning, just sounds better, all the people who made those rules are dead anyway.

    Instead of ear plugs you should have snuck some MRI sedation medication for your trip. Carefully dosing them so they wake up after the 16 hour drive.

    Good vibes for MRI's, traveling, transitioning and cool weather coming your way. If I'm feeling up to it, I may even perform a dance later, but don't hold your breath.

  2. Well basically I just wanted to wish you all luck with your trip, and meeting your new little girl. Sounds so exciting and I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you return.
    But whilst I'm here, surely when you're using the initials MRI you should use 'an' because saying the letter 'M' said as 'Em' means it's actually starting with a vowel - that's seems the rule!

  3. Janine-- Woohoo, your reasoning on my "an MRI" totally works for me! Thanks for solving that little quirk!

    I may or may not be taking the laptop with me.. If I do, I'll be updating the blog- if I don't, I'll be updating on Twitter!!


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