Monday, June 1, 2009

The post that wasn't

I have several blog posts I want to write about.. I still have that super sleuth squirrel, the hideous bathing suit try on story & a few others..

But all I can think about right now is--

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin close to being done with ICPC.. Soooo close to planning our visit to Southern Darlin's state.. Sooo close. Ahhhhhh!!!

Let's rehash the whole ICPC timeline shall we? The 2nd week of April and the adoption worker files the ICPC.. April 15, sending state ICPC sends the packet to my state's ICPC office.. Worker there is on the ball & processes it in one day.. ONE DAY. A total of two weeks for it to get from the adoption worker, to her state's icpc office, to my state's icpc office to my county.

Then they decide that instead of using my current adoptive homestudy-- well heck for giggles, let's order an ICPC homestudy.. Sure.. So we sit and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. Get our finger prints redone, new medical forms, redo all the dang adoption homestudy forms.. and wait some more.

Finally on May 19th, we get our ICPC homestudy visit. The worker assures me that she'll get it dictated by that Friday & it should be transcribed by the following friday.. Well you all know me.. never one to wait. So the next week I am calling- is it done yet? how about now? Thursday comes and I get the "Yes it's done!", they even agree to send it overnite (at my dime naturally) to my home county to help speed things up!!

So May 29th my county receives the ICPC homestudy.. They are well prepared b/c I've called and left messages as well as emailed to let them know that it's going to be there! Please push it thru.. pretty please. I also called the state ICPC office to tell them that my county would be receiving it and they should hopefully be expecting it next week.. lol.

This morning dawns the first day of June.. It's a Monday and I have not heard hide nor hair from my county.. So I decide , what the heck- they already know I'm nutso- call them! Imagine my surprize when I find out that my county did indeed receive it on Friday & sent it onto the state office.. Ohhh laa laa. I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I casually mentioned my conversation with the state ICPC office & the fact that they knew when they *should* be expecting it if everyone was on the ball.

So, if they sent it Friday -it should be there today right? Of course I emailed (see how nice I was, emailing instead of phoning) my contact at the ICPC office and he said it had just arrived on his desk.. Since this is the 3 (or 4th or 5th) time I've talked to him, he knew my story and knew I really wanted to get this moving. He signed it and FAXED it right to the other state's ICPC.. Well hell, if it could have been faxed, why weren't we doing this all along? lol

Does it end there? Ohhh no.. I'm too pushy right now to stop. So I looked up the other state's ICPC office contacts and put in a phone call or 5.. She never answered and I didn't leave a message.. So I finally emailed the contact there & heard back almost immediately.. She had indeed received the fax & emailed a copy of the "APPROVED" homestudy to the caseworker!!!

So from here to there in 1 day when it took 2wks to get from there to here.. lol! Now to just get the adoption worker to answer emails !LOL No worries, if I dont hear from her by the time Daddy Chaos gets home- I will be calling her too :) With any luck we'll be completely out of ICPC hell this week and onto planning our trip !!


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