Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good, not soo good and downright bad!

Life is always a mess around here.. Good news, not so good news and downright bad news.

Let's start with the good!

We had our ICPC homestudy visit yesterday :) It went well. We were allowed to learn a little more about Southern Darlin' (who ironically shares a bdate with my nephew.. ha.. we have a thing in this family and sharing bdates with someone). After some gentle persuasion, the social worker (homestudy lady? not sure her exact title) agreed that she'd have it dictated by this friday and it should be typed up, reviewed and ready to send out by Next Friday.. Woohoo! Then it just needs to work its way back thru the lovely county, state icpc, state icpc, county system.. So I'm hoping 3wks total to get it back to where Southern Darlin' is?? I may be thinking overly optimistically there but one can hope right?

Not Quite so good news :

Baby Bug & Spoiled Princess are sick.. SP got it first- lovely cough and whining fulltime included. She had a fever last nite but it seems to be staying away today. Baby Bug hacks up a lung, smiles up with his drooly smile and crawls off.

Definitely not good news:

I spoke to the bparents of Lil Bro (biodad to SP & SD and his new wife) and found out that Littler Lil Bro was also taken into care by DCS. From what the mama said it was something that I can't see a reason to take him , maybe in home services but not removal.. It sounds very much like a planned removal which makes me sad since they surrendered on Lil Bro just to be able to keep Littler Lil Bro.. It makes me sad for them that it seems they may have straightened up their lives some , only to get kicked back down again. Of course I only know their side of the story but oddly the mama is one of those people that tends to tell the truth even when it hurts them. Who knows, I suppose I'm more likely to believe them because I do know how corrupt that county is. What a mess!

The worst news:

Gpa Chaos (my dad) is in the hospital. Any spare thoughts/prayers would be greatly appreciated. Not feeling well yesterday, he was taken to the dr - dr then called the ambulance and had him taken to the hospital. They are not really sure what's going on- if he had a heart attack, heart spasms, pacemaker on the fritz. Still waiting on blood tests to determine if there's a blood infection or anything else. There's some fluid on his lungs which the dr said could be pneumonia or heart failure (echo showed a sluggish heart).. It's bad when you hope and pray for pneumonia.. Keep him in your thoughts. He's my daddy and we all love him!

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