Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bye bye Baby..

Baby Bug has officially added 'year' to his repertoire. No longer can I say, oh he's just 6months, 10 months..even 11months old.. No more.. as of today- he is 1yr old. (honestly I'll be using months til he's at least 18months but it's the point of the matter! work with me!).

It's a bittersweet day.. my likely very last baby is leaving all the babyhood stuff behind and fast approaching toddlerhood. What started as this itty bitty teeny tiny preemie grew and grew and grew.. He didn't start crawling til darn near 11months old and I assumed I'd have a while til
walking. Apparently not. He's now pulling up and starting to cruise, I can only guess that first steps wont be too far behind.

We have court tomorrow and while biodad has made his opinion part of the official report, we have yet to see what biomom will do/say to DCS's request... I'm fairly certain she'll fight to the bitter end but we shall see..

I even have cute DCS policy friendly pictures to share (see how nice I am? Taking a zillion and one birthday pics & I thought to myself- ooh make sure you get a few that you can post on the blog!) !
I took a picture of the entire cake b/c O.M.G was it ever cute.. but when I edited it to take out Baby Bug's name.. it well.. somehow the pic keeps screwing up when I upload it here.. No clue.. Just take my word for it- ADORABLE!! Pooh & Tigger :) Perfection!

Hilarious to say the least! It took him a good 10mins before he'd even touch the cake :)
Ewww look at that hand !LOL!
He went straight to the tub.. Chocolate cake in the hair.. But ohh my did he have fun! If only I could share the huge grins once he really got into it.. Adorable! I did have an "ewww" moment when I put him in the tub and thought how close choc. cake in the hair looks like well something else we're not talking about.. lol Drama Queen has decided that this year for her 14th bday, she wants to do it up baby style.. no fork, no spoon- all mess! lol

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