Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random thoughts..

Not so wordless for Wordless Wednesday but I've never excelled at following the rules..

I've finally started carrying my camera with me virtually everywhere. No more of those "Ohh I wish I had my camera!" moments..Excuse the quality since I was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by Daddy Chaos who would say OMG Take the picture already!! Hurry up there's a car coming, you're gonna miss the shot..

Today just a few things that were randomly noticed ::
Honestly, does that building not look just like Noah's Ark?
Whoever designed that one.. I'm wondering if you're trying to tell me something??

Ok this one has bugged me for quite some time. This is on the street corner (a main corner) in my town.. Quite honestly what is this "Stuff" in Tamara's style 'n stuff?? Seems a little odd to me that the blinds are ALWAYS closed & the windows on the door are newspapered shut..
Just sayin'

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  1. I had to laugh at your pictures. I thought that was Noah's Ark before I read your comment. LOL and as for the Style and Stuff. Do keep us posted on what you learn about the Stuff. LOL Thanks for the *giggles*


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