Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Home Tweet Home"

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here before that I'm a Graco Ambassador. Definitely not a hard title to carry around since I love most all things Graco :) One of the perks of becoming an ambassador is that the peeps at Graco are super sweet ! We get to hear all about new products coming out and get fun little treats from time to time. To celebrate spring, all 40 ambassadors were sent these cute birdhouse kits to put together.

Naturally I got right on it.. Ok ok, you know me too well. I meant to get right on it but it ended up on the counter, mail got piled up... I would pass it by and say Hey guys, we totally need to do this! It's going to be FUN! and then we'd get distracted *look something shiny!* and not do it..

Finally Lindsay over @ Graco had to get tough and say get it done OR ELSE.. (ok ok, she didn't say that either but come on let's pretend.. k?) and I was like oops , my bad.. So we sat down tonite and put it together.

See all the pretty pieces.. Now if only Drool Prince & Spoiled Princess would help a little less.. Demanding that I put YOUR piece on next does not quite help if your piece is not the next in line.. Sorry kids.

Attitude King & I put it together (with Daddy Chaos supervising b/c somehow the simplest instructions confuse me at times.. I think the easier they are the more difficult I make it.. go figure) Drama Queen immediately volunteered to do the painting- which is good since I have not an artistic bone in my body. Seriously guys, my 3yo can make a better picture than me.. I'm not exaggerating.

oohh pretty yellow.. look at her paint!

I am fairly certain those are stars on top, although looking at them in this picture it looks a bit like bird poop to me.. Shh dont you dare tell her I said that!

The roof is ABSOLUTELY not uneven.. How dare you imply that.. Daddy Chaos just can't hold the camera straight..

Oooh la la!! All done! Since it's kinda hard to read- it says "welcome" over the hole & "home" at the bottom.. Pretty proud of ourselves here.. A finished family project.. The little ones will be eagerly watching (and reporting) how well the birds like their new home.

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  1. Very cute and colorful! Fun that you did it as a family!


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