Monday, April 13, 2009


Spoiled Princess gained yet another 1/2 sibling today. The newest addition was born sometime this morning. I have no clue if DCS will become involved or if the birth parents will be allowed to take this one home with them.

Not much we can do about it either way but at least I can write down the name & birthdate right? What more do you do in situations like this?


  1. That's so arrrgh. Our baby mama hasn't had a kid in three years, but had five in three years. I'm hoping there was some medical malpractice involved and some doc accidentally cut her tubes. Anyway. Because there were so many in such a short amount of time we only have three, the oldest is with his paternal grandparents leaving a little girl we don't have. When I see her and our daughter playing, I wish I had been able to take her, but I would have had four kids under two and barely make it most days now. I hope that once we resolve our foster issues, the other FP's will want to remain in contact. I hate what these people do to kids.

  2. Thanks Annie! It's nice to have someone that understands- even though you never wish this kind of things of others! I can only hope right now if DCS does become involved, the FP's who have Lil Bro will be able to take this one as well so at least the two brothers can be together.. Either way, I hope I can someone keep track of these siblings..


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