Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had a few things that I wanted to blog about tonite..

but then I read my daily reads first...

I happened to read about Maddie and my heart shuttered to a stop. For those few of you that have not read it yet, Madeline Spohr passed away on Tuesday not quite 17 months old. I think those of us with healthy children never think something like this could happen. Those of us with children who have medical issues have certainally imagined it but in the back of our minds have thought secretly- nah never me. I don't know Maddie or her family personally. Quite frankly I never read their blog until yesterday but it has stuck with me. From what I understand Madeline was born premature and had some health issues but was overall healthy (check .. and check..) then got sick with a cough and passed away within a few days.

How does something like this happen? I cannot imagine the pain and devestation her family must be feeling. and anger. Yes Anger. Little ones are not supposed to die. A parent should never have to live longer than their child. I cannot imagine living thru something like that. I know that I for one will be hugging all my kids a little tighter tonite and praying for that family for some time to come.

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