Monday, April 6, 2009

The tooth that wasn't

Three words.

Going to the Dentist SUCKS..

ok fine that was 5 words.. I can't count. I am now down 1 back molar and not too happy about it.. For going 32 29 years without ever having to lose a tooth (no wisdom teeth here, not sure if I should brag about that or not?!), this sucks quite a bit.

Surely it'll help the diet since I'm hungry but have lovely gauze b/c the stupid hole wont quit bleeding (and it's NOT because I can't perfect talking w/ my teeth clenched.. lol) and I can't eat..

I'll quit whining..

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  1. I hate the dentist too! I have to go in and get a crown that I've been avoiding for the last 8 months....yuk! I will say my favorite dental experience was getting my wisdom teeth removed. They knocked me out, sewed up the hole, gave me good drugs. I got a very restful weekend. Shhhh, don't tell though, because I used the excuse that "I just had my wisdom teeth out".
    Feel better:)


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