Friday, April 3, 2009

And they wonder why I'm grumpy..

10:15pm ~ bed

12:03am ~ Baby Bug wakes up and wants a bottle and snuggle time.

1:35am ~ finally get Baby Bug laid down and crawl back in bed.

2:43am ~crying and screaming upstairs wakes me up. Apparently Spoiled Princess got up to go potty and then while peeing, discovered a spider in the bathroom. She then screamed and shrieked until she woke Drama Queen to come get her down off the potty and out of the room. By the time I got there, calming was all that was needed.. Those spiders, they be pretty scary!

4:27am ~ Baby Bug is up yet again. Daddy Chaos decides to just go to work since he can't sleep anyway (lol).

7:00am ~ Alarm goes off to wake up Big kids and the day has started again..

To top off my not so great night, Drool Prince now has SP's 'cold' complete with a fever.. Baby Bug is snotting around and coughing a bit so it looks like he's getting it next- hopefully they wont cancel his surgery in two weeks..

I'm ready for naptime, anyone else?

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  1. Man I don't what your problem is girl. I do great on four minutes of sleep.

    Seriously though, get a nap in.


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