Sunday, May 3, 2009

Answer Day

Janine asked this in a previous post and I just never got around to answering until today (yes I'm slow) ..:

Looking forward to hearing of the arrival of your new daughter - have you all met her, spent time with her, know her....or is this a big adventure into the unknown?

Quite frankly this is a big adventure into the unknown. We've known of Southern Darlin' for the past 4+ years since Spoiled Princess was born and entered our home. Yet we've never seen her. I can clearly recall asking biomom to bring her in for a visit back when she actually came to see Spoiled Princess in those early days but she never wanted to commit to it. I really just wanted a picture of the two girls together while they were little. Just one tiny picture to save back. Never happened.

Fast forward a little over a year later. Biodad made allegations against Biomom (not together) and an investigation was made in a different county. Naturally I contacted the new county, gave them my info and bugged them mercilessly let them know that if she was taken into care we'd love to have her here w/ her sister. I spent a year calling and trying to get updates from that county off and on. Eventually the worker admitted that they weren't even sure that she still lived in that unsafe location any longer but maybe they'd do a check and let me know. Never heard back from them.

Fast Forward two more years. I worried and wondered about her but had no clue where she was. Then Lil Bro was born. We went thru the steps of trying to fight corrupt caseworkers get him placed with us when he was taken into care. Fate intervened and Lil Bro had a court date the same day as Drool Prince (naturally in the same court house). Unknowingly I sat next to his biomom.. Once she started talking, I realized who she was & introduced myself. During that conversation, I discovered that Southern Darlin' , that precious little girl that I'd never met but had worried and wondered about for 3yrs, was in care.

And that people began our journey into trying to get her moved here. It's been well over a year now. We had to wait for termination, then for bioparent appeals, then for other family to step forward... and now the darn ICPC.

So long story to say- no we haven't met her, we've only received one picture (that we probably weren't supposed to get but hey, nice caseworker) and very little information. But she has been in our heads and our hearts for 4 long years. I can't wait to finally meet her and squeeze her.

My only current concern is this: We've already introduced the other kids to her picture and who she is. Spoiled Princess has become VERY attached to her new sister. Most everything that is talked about in the future tense includes Southern Darlin'. They talk frequently about going to Disney again and I've explained that no, we aren't going this year b/c we're going to that state far away to visit Southern Darlin'... maybe we'll go next year when Spoiled Princess is 5 & Drool Prince is 4 (have to give them ages so they understand a year) to which Spoiled Princess automatically starts spouting off her favorite rides (ok we go to Disney a bit too often but they're only young once and I'd go MORE if I could afford it-- Hey Disney, wanna send us free? I'd totally blog about it!) and claiming that Southern Darlin' is going to ride with HER and only HER. So my concern/worry is - what if Southern Darlin' isn't as excited about Spoiled Princess? What if she gravitates toward Drama Queen instead - which could be logical since the foster home she's been in for the past 2yrs has teens. Lord help me, I hope and pray that Southern Darlin' will be as much in love with her new sister as Spoiled Princess is her. I just can't imagine anything else.

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