Sunday, January 20, 2008

Babies, babies Everywhere!

I was browsing thru the online version of a local paper [ok, ok.. I was snooping.. but it's really the only I can keep track of my youngest kids' birthparents jailtime - which can be pretty extensive at times] and came across this birth record.. I looked at it a few times and am still thinking-

It can't be?! Surely not!

You see this particular newborn has the same last name (a very unusual name) as Spoiled Princess' biological father... Hmm coincidence?

Of course the online version doesnt have the full birth record, just says the child's name and date of birth- no parents ect.. So I am investigating but do not yet know if this is indeed a SIBLING! Ackk!

I do try to keep track of where the kids' birth parents are and have a running list of all their siblings [It's not completely wacked out to worry that they could meet a sibling when they are grown up and not realize they were related.. I just read a story of twins seperated at birth that married!] - believe me Drool Prince has got a list a mile long! lol! So now I'm going to sit and wonder if this newborn should go on the list for Spoiled Princess.. I guess this would be the advantage of having an open adoption ~ although it really wasn't an option for Spoiled Princess anyway..

I do find it very ironic [if this is indeed a sibling of S.Princess] that both Spoiled Princess and Drool Prince would have new siblings born very close together.. Life's weird, what can I say!


  1. Wow! That's so clever and such a good idea! One a side note about snooping...I'm keeping my baby monitor. It will definitely come in handy when my daughters are teens and holed up in their rooms! lol.
    I found your blog on blogher. Great writing!

  2. notsosahm- hey thanks for stopping by!! I hope you'll come back again soon :) I love the baby monitor idea! I might have to use that myself! LOL!


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