Saturday, January 19, 2008

MY Boobies!

A conversation this morning with my 22mo (while he sat on my lap, hand down my 10yo jammies- hey they are COMFY!):

DP: (pulls nightgown out and looks down) Booboos?

Me: yes , dear...

DP: MY Booboos?

Me: uhmm, no those are mommies boobies hun..

DP: (puts hand down nightgown to claim possession)MY BOOBOOS.

DP: awww, my booboos..

He then lays his head down and is comforted by just being near them.. lol! Silly boy- do you think he's going to grow up to be a boob man? He's always been attracted to them, you'd swear he was a breastfed baby.. Ahh well, at least someone appreciates them right?!

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