Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP Heath ~ My beloved awesome voice man..

Do you have an actor/actress that you just adore? You buy all their movies and can watch them over and over again? Heath Ledger is one of mine. I love his accent and could listen to him in any movie over and over again. One of Attitude King & Drama Queen's all time favorite movies is "Knight's Tale" starring -- yup you guessed it .. Heath Ledger..
Sadly this gorgous, wonderfully accented voiced 28yo man died yesterday. I'm so sad about it. A person that I never knew personally but absolutely adored in films is now gone at such a young age.
I can't imagine how his family is coping with this loss.. Especially his 2yo daughter- whom I've read was very close to her daddy. Now she will grow up never really remembering him.

A sad day in the Kingdom of Chaos, just thought I'd share with you.

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