Saturday, May 2, 2009

Going home!

Saturday morning dawned and Drool Prince was finally allowed food/drink! We were able to coax him to drink a few sips but for some strange reason that no one seems to know- he was never weaned off his dexamethasomethingorother before he came back to the room from recovery. This was the med that kept him pretty much asleep and mostly pain free. Good right? Yeah, great until you want him to wake up and eat/drink so we can go HOME..

The dr came in to check on him & ordered that med stopped so the poor kid could wake up.. lol. They have no clue if the lead broke due to a kink (since it was put in when he was 19months old, they put in extra lead & roll it up so it can let out as he grows) or something that Drool Prince did himself. Dr did say that the break was closer to the heart vs the pacemaker so in an older kid that'd indicate a blow to the check.. Obviously that hasn't happened here so he said we'll never really know how or why it broke.

He ate and all was fine.. until the puking began. Why did Daddy have to still be at home? I do NOT do puking.. Thankfully the dr decided to let us go home anyway & just chalked it up to a reaction to the codeine in the tylenol w/cod.

We got home and he decided to get a low grade fever & puke some more.. Lovely. I was definitely worried that we were going to end up back in the hospital but thankfully Sunday morning he woke up feeling great. Soo good in fact that he only had 1 dose of pain meds..

Monday he felt even better- so at 3days post surgery he was completely off all pain meds. In fact, he felt sooo good- the he decided to take off his gauze & rip all his steri strips off immediately upon waking up. Grrr! I put new gauze on & am hoping the boy will Leave It Alone!

While I'm glad he's feeling better, he's now back to bouncing off the walls.. I'm kinda wishing for some of that dexamethasomethingorother to calm his little butt back down so he can actually heal up.

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  1. oh oh oh I have this one!!!

    I save up cottage cheese containers, yogurt tubs whatever. Put them in the dishwasher. Then when I have a puker I pull them out.
    The kid pukes, put the lid on it and toss it away!
    It's recycling at its best!


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