Friday, May 1, 2009

Phones that go unanswered

Dear Adoption Homestudy person,

I do appreciate you finally getting me that packet. Sure it took 4 business days to get 35miles but hey who's counting. At least it got here right?

I also wanted to say thanks so much for being there to answer the questions I had. When you told me to call you as soon as I got the packet so we could determine what actually needed done vs what's already current on file for us, I just kinda assumed that you'd answer your phone.. or email? I'm happy to keep calling you day after day after day and sending emails but honestly it'd be really great if you'd just .. I don't know?.. answer an email or return a phone call? Silly me.

Since everything must be turned in by next week , I will just go ahead and redo everyone's medical reports (since when do minors have to do TB tests? Last year's medical report didn't have it on there.. Spoiled Princess is NOT looking forward to that. just sayin') & fingerprints. No problem that I'm shelling out money for something that might still be current. I'm sure once I've paid for it all you'll call me up to tell me I don't need it but quite frankly I'm not taking the chance. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we are trying our darndest to get this thing pushed thru ASAP so we can get Southern Darlin' here before school starts.

Thanks again for giving me that little piece of hope that you'd actually be there to help me get this finished asap. Don't worry, when I do finally talk to you I promise to be a nice as possible under the circumstances. I do need you to get your job done.. I won't even mention the 5 phone messages and 2emails that you never responded to... I won't. But if you bring it up first, all bets are off! Just sayin'!


A very irritated Momma Chaos

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  1. Isnt it GREAT to be spending all your time and considerable amounts of money AND you have to do their DANG jobs for them too!!!!
    Not that I am bitter and disgusted. Or anything.


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