Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow..

Baby Bug is schedule for his T&A surgery tomorrow morning. I'm not looking forward to it, but then who looks forward to surgery?

Drool Prince has been thru two pretty serious surgeries so in comparison this seems pretty simple. It's not though. It may be a much simplier surgery but this is his very first surgery. It worries me more. I can only assume it's because this is a more elective surgery. Drool Prince HAD to have his surgeries, there was never a question of if we wanted to go thru with it. It was Be here at THIS time and we're doing surgery. True, Baby Bug has sleep apnea so I guess we can count that as making this more than an elective surgery.. now I'm just making excuses. In the long run, I think I will sleep better. (no I'm not saying b/c hopefully Baby Bug will start sleeping better.. lol although that would help!) I'll sleep better because I know that we're reducing a risk of SIDS. Every since we received the official Obstructive Sleep Apnea diagnosis, I've worried. Will I wake up one morning and he will be gone? Quite honestly, I've worried about this kid from the moment he came here. He's got basically all the risk factors for SIDS which just Freaks Me Out..

Everything is set up. I have babysitters for all the other kids. Daddy Chaos & I will go alone to the surgery. Biodad is not coming, CWs are not coming.. Just us.. Because of Baby Bug's age, we get the joy of spending the nite in the hospital. Ohhh fun, right? Actually I get the joy of spending the nite in the hospital with what I'm sure will be a very grumpy baby, while Daddy Chaos goes home & sleeps in our bed- all to himself.. bully to him! Let's hope we dont have any issues with the hospital chaplin type ppl that we had the last time we were at that hospital w/ Drool Prince. I'm better prepared this time around though!

Wish us luck!

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