Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have like three other posts that are in the works but I keep getting distracted by a munchkin that is getting 3 teeth and NOT a happy camper, so I haven't finished them.. Oops.

I did have to just jump on here really quick and share the gossip I heard today.. Remember that crazy CW ? The one who cost us the opportunity to raise Spoiled Princess' little brother here with her, who trash talked us to his foster/adoptive parents so they'd want nothing to do with us, who tried to poison the birthparents against us so they wouldnt' want us to have him, who went all psycho on me in the office b/c she needs to put her hearing aid in and LISTEN instead of assume, and the one that tried to get a friend in trouble by telling complete and totally outlandish lies?? Yeah, that CW..

Well rumor has it ~ she's going bye bye.. As in, you can go ahead and retire, save face and go quietly OR we'll just fire you so everyone can know what a crackpot you are..

I probably shouldn't be quite this happy about it.. Yet I am... Karma got ya back, stupid wench!



    Any word on the baby yet to come?

  2. Thanks darlin' :)

    No news on the expected baby.. Even with crazy CW gone, I'm not sure they'd offer him/her here.. Who knows?!

    I won't hold my breath and then maybe I'll be pleasantly surprized? lol!

  3. Well with DCS breath holding is never advised. They need good foster homes, can't have you dying off!

    Any news on L?

    (sorry, used the wrong user name before!)


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