Monday, March 16, 2009

At least insurance is paid up..

I've been having some pretty hellacious headaches the past few months. Not normal migraines (yeah, I have those too) but just weird headaches that refuse to go away- I'm talking days and weeks at a time. Add in some dizzyness, feeling woozy & odd instant exhaustion well let's just say it ain't been fun..

I was complaining to Daddy Chaos a week or so ago about them.. I'm sure they are stress related or maybe even sleep deprivation? But they're starting to interfere with my life- enough is ENOUGH! So b/c I like to always go worst case scenario , when he suggested I go to the doctor I kindly declined.. It went a little something like this :

Momma ~"Uhmm no thanks.. I don't want to be TOLD that I have a brain tumor.. geeesh!"

Daddy~ " No biggie, insurance is paid up.. You did make that last payment right?"

Momma ~ " My LIFE insurance? Good G-d man! yeah yeah.. it's paid up.."

Daddy~ "Well see, we'll be fine. I can afford to stay home with the kids until Baby Bug is in school all day with the insurance money.. No worries :o) "

Momma~ " Thanks, I'm feeling just sooo loved! Regardless, I'm not going to dr til all the adoptions are final.. No point in giving DCS a reason to not give me my kids for YOU to stay home with when I'm dead and buried."

Hey at least he's willing to stay home with the baby instead of hiring some hot young nanny ...cuz I'd totally come back and haunt his ass if he did that. I'm pretty sure he's well aware of that too!

So in the end, I had Enough of it and went to the dr.. Dr thinks it's cluster migraines (fun) but before giving me meds to treat it I had to go get blood drawn (damn vampires! ohhh speaking of vampires ~ oohhhhh Edward... release is this weekend!) and then get a brain MRI. Someone please tell me who invented the MRI so I can go kill them. I mean honestly, who thought- Hey let's take a person who is having a month long constant headache.. We'll poke them full of holes and take half their blood, then just for shit & giggles (who the heck came up with that saying??) we'll stuff them into a machine that is louder than standing right next to the runway w/ F16's taking off one after the other.. Can't they have a silent MRI? Or at least a quieter verison??

Test results will be delivered to the dr in about 48hrs. I can only hope that they are delivered via a screaming telegram :oP


  1. Mamma Chaos,
    I read your blog often and I wanted to present you with the "Sisterhood Award". Check out my blog for details! Thanks!!

  2. Hope your results are good! Glad to have 'met' you and found your blog!

  3. Oh no, headaches are awful. But, it IS good to have insurance. (JK)

  4. Wow , talk about dying and all the lurkers come out! J/k! Thanks girls! I'm glad you all decided to start commenting! Thanks for all the thoughts!!


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