Friday, March 20, 2009

Willpower- anyone got some to spare?

Yeah I know, I've been sitting on this post for a week or few.. What can I say? Headaches = no posting. But still would you LOOK at that picture?? You see, we decided to start a diet Daddy Chaos & I.. We are both shall we say it... pleasantly plump. Both ready to attempt to shed some of this excess weight off. Soo on the eve of when we had planned on starting said diet (nothing ever starts when we say b/c we're both great procrastinators!) Daddy Chaos suddenly got a craving for cherry cheesecake and we just happened to have a box in the cupboard..

So naturally instead of saying to himself : "Hey self, I'm starting a diet tomorrow I dont really need cheesecake."

Instead he said " Ohhh cheesecake.. Well diet starts tomorrow, so I'm going to make it tonite so we can hurry up and eat it BEFORE we start the diet.. And I'll even make them in cupcake form to trick Momma Chaos into eating some b/c they're too darn cute NOT to"

This is what I'm dealing with people!! Ugh!

Diet did commence only to be stopped b/c of nasty headache that had me puking 4+times and dammit I needed a Dr Pepper! We've discussed it & are switching diets (from adkins to WW) which of course Daddy Chaos took as an excuse to have some days off.. I mean we can't switch diets in the middle of the week so we might as well take the rest of the week off & start fresh on Monday, right?

If I dont end up GAINING 10lbs on this diet, I think I'll be happy!

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