Thursday, December 11, 2008

Karma.. she's a *itch..

I just want to cry. I'm soo pissed.. Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE DCS? Or at least a certain screwed up caseworker? I always tell Drool Prince (who always announces that he HATES the wicked witch in the Sleeping Beauty book) that we don't HATE people, we just don't like them and that's ok to not like some people.. Sorry folks, what I feel for this woman is beyond Dislike.

The funny thing is that less than a year ago we were on friendly terms. I even sent her a picture of Spoiled Princess (she was her caseworker) on her bday and said Look who's 3..

But then Lil Bro was born.. Crazy CW got him placed with her friends and the minute I tried to get him moved here with a sibling (per state policy) she started getting more and more wacko.. This one takes it all folks..

I'm not going to go into what she's done right now but needless to say she now has quite a few people pissed at her.. She's reaching, really reaching tryign to strike out at anyone close to me. Bad enough when she screams at me, bad mouths me to the FPs & tells the BPs that I'm crazy and they'd never want their kid with me.. Now she attacks friends.. and it's all lies.. WTH is wrong with her? She's apparently falling apart at the seems and just lashing out everywhere.. Stupid stupid woman..

Watch out Crazy CW.. You can kick me all you want right now but sooner or later , karma's gonna kick you on your ass! I will be eagerly awaiting the day!

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  1. That has to be soo frustrating. Especially when theres not a lot you can do. But karma will make it's way around eventually! Always does!


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