Monday, December 15, 2008

'Tis the season

Many things irritate me lately.. Tis the holiday season after all, why be merry? It's better, even more cost effective, to be irritable. After all, who wants to go out and buy Christmas presents when every little thing irritates them? Bah Humbug !!

A few things that have irritated me this week :

A photo is needed for this first one.. Can anyone explain to me what is so fraken hard about putting the toilet paper actually ON the toilet paper roll dispenser vs sitting it on top? And if you did not run out of toilet paper but saw it like this, wouldn't you fix it? Anyone? Apparently not in my house.. If I don't fix it, no one does. Now we can't blame the 2yo- he doesn't go potty much (another irritation- b/c he KNOWS how to go, he just chooses not to) or the 3yo- she's not coordinated enough to put the roll on right.. But 10, 12 & 32year olds?? Uhmmm yes siree! They not only KNOW how, they've been given live demonstrations.. yet still this happens..

#2. A phone call came today, I missed ignored it & there was a message on the machine. Hi Mrs. Chaos, we were calling to inquire as to when you might be sending payment in on this bill? Please call me back and let me know right away. Now normally my bills are always paid in a timely manner.. But in this particular circumstance- the big bad heating company came out to do a annual cleaning/check of the furnace.. They were instructed to do 3 things, yet only did 2.. So when that was discovered, Daddy Chaos called and left a message for them--- hey we asked that a, b, & c be done but your employee only did a & b.. We'd appreciate if they came back out and did C like was previously requested (and confirmed prior to them coming out) and no we wont be paying for a 2nd service fee for them to come out again.. No response. Daddy Chaos calls 2 more times and left messages!! Not a single response.. So maybe it's petty of me to withhold payment til they can at least acknowledge that they screwed up and HELLO we need #C done!?! Who thinks I should ignore their calls like they've been ignoring ours?? Nah, I'm saving the message for Daddy Chaos.. I'm sure it'll make his day to get to call and explain to them WHAT the issue is with the lack of payment..

#3.Have you ever tried to feed a baby medicine that tastes (or at least smells) like mouthwash? Very Very STRONG mouthwash? Said baby is normally a very good meds taker.. He does NOT appreciate Momma trying to force him to drink this stuff TWICE a day.. On top of little injustice, Momma has switched his normal bottles for ones thickened with oatmeal-- ewww.. And then she makes him do an inhaler (w/ lovely chamber mask thingy) TWICE a day.. It's killing him- at least that's what he'd tell you.. Let's just say , the boy is NOT happy.. And when the baby ain't happy- ain't no one happy!

On a happy note- Baby bug has finally rolled over! Once.. It only took him 6 3/4 months.. And he will not repeat the performance. Little bugger!

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