Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Week in Review

What a week! Things are never calm and quiet here, are they?

On a good note- I have finally managed to find a way to get Baby Bug to drink his nasty meds! Mix it with a tiny bit of nasty formula (cuz that stuff can mask the taste of anything) and he will drink it.. It's just harder to time it right to get him to drink the meds but not scream for a normal bottle since he's supposed to have the meds 30mins prior to bottle time..

Drool Prince has started bowing to me and saying " Thank you, your highness" or " I did it, your highness" when asked to go put away toys.. It's too cute! At least someone has respect for my position in the family!

Baby Bug had an EEG done this past week. Poor little thing had a reaction to the stuff used & broke out where every lead was placed. It's now been several days & he only has two spots left- one looks bruised and the other one blistered & looks owie!! I wasn't too happy to hear from the Neuro the very next day saying that while there is no seizure activity- something doesn't look right.. So now we are awaiting a CT to be scheduled (they attempted Friday but computers were down) to get a more in depth look.. Naturally, I asked Dr Google what these things could mean.. I came up with brain tumors, epilepsy and a few other things.. Nothing came back saying what I wanted- cute chubby babies who smile & drool alot are perfectly fine and you shouldn't worry a single iota if the EEG reads off.. Soo I did what most responsible moms will do- I told Dr Google off and am now ignoring him completely.. I'll wait for Dr Neuro who we LOVE to tell me if something is wrong.

In the midst of this drama, the ice storm hit..

So I couldn't consult w/ Dr Google anymore anyway because- we had No Power! For 36hrs, there was no power.. It got a bit chilly, but thank goodness our power is back- For.Now.

We lost two trees.

At least my mystery bush looks pretty, right? Ice storms definitely are pretty, when they don't cause so much damage! I can definitely appreciate it more from the heat of my home now that we have Power.
And that, my friends, was our week.. Next week is looking very busy indeed! Visit for Baby Bug, Birthday (big teen!) for Drama Queen, Christmas!!, Upper GI & CT for Baby Bug.. yeah, I think we'll be busy! If I dont get back have a very Merry Christmas and be safe!

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  1. When my little girl had her EEG's we started taking baby oil to help get the leads off without hurting her as much.


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