Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowflakes are prettyful.

I bought a snowflake ornament kit the other day.. 'Cuz I'm just not creative enough on my own .. Daddy Chaos & I seperated the snowflakes and then put them back together w/ opposite colors.. Harder than you might thing b/c the blues did NOT want to be one with the whites. Rotten things.
Decorating was up to the kidlets. I did my part, I'm done! Attitude King & Drama Queen did most of the decorating. The little ones did 1-2 each and then were "All Done".

Tying those itty bitty strings was the highlight of the nite. I ended up retying many for them..

Woohoo completed ornaments!! Yay!!

Spoiled Princess shares her creation .

Drool Princes shares his- he put it together himself!
Time to trim the tree!!

And the completed project.. Bet you can't figure out who put all the lower ones on? Drama Queen was a bit of a control freak and wanted to readjust them all b/c O.M.G !! they are tooo close together..
It was a fun family time together :)

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  1. From our hearts to yours wishing you a very Merry Christmas....

    May the fat man bring all your heart wishes for!!

    Love from outback Australia.....


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