Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Drama Queen on her 13th Bday

My dear teen,
OMG you are a T.E.E.N!! When did that happen?! With so many brothers and sisters, I know you sometimes feel like you get shoved to the side or given too much responsibility. As Daddy likes to remind you- if you weren't soo good at helping out maybe we wouldn't ask you to help out quite so often!?!

Our lives have changed drastically in the past four years- adding three siblings --all little who have more needs and take up more attention-- is bound to drive anyone to drink mouth off. I'm sure it's hard for you to remember what it was like when it was just you. Or even just you and Attitude King.. But I can remember when you were as small as Baby Bug.

Thirteen years ago today, you finally made your appearance.. You've always been a bit stubborn, wanting to do things on your own time. Gma & Gpa had come out to Utah to be on hand for your birth.. It's not their fault they missed it, you were very set in your ways. Of course the minute they left, you decided SURE now's the time to come out.. Perfect timing, my dear, as usual.

Although I love to pick on you for being my longest (26.5 hrs- don't forget that .5) and hardest (5hrs of pushing- PLUS the vacuum being used 4times) labor and my biggest baby to boot (we all know where that extra weight went to.. nuff said), you were also my first.

The first baby gets alot that the following siblings don't.. Sometimes it's good (100% of mommy & daddy's attention- no one to share with) and sometimes it's bad (we have to learn on someone right?)..

You've grown soo much in these 13 years.. Everyone always warns new parents " You think the toddler years are bad? Omg, wait til they're teens".. So far I'm impressed.

You are sweet, responsible, loving and just a fun person to be around. I know, I'm shocked a bit myself. We must have done something right! If in your future teen years, you go downhill to the point that I want to lock you in your room- well don't worry, Daddy already has the deadbolt ready.. kidding.. kinda.

Today, after 13years, you are no longer my little girl. You're growing up and you're doing a beautiful job of it. I know I dont tell you often enough but I'm so proud of the woman you're becoming and I love you soo much.

No quit growing up so fast k?

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