Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Name that tree.. or is it a bush??

Pretty ain't it?? Anyone have any clue WHAT kind of tree/bush thing this is? I'd love to get another of these prettyful bushy/tree things but I'm soo landscaping illiterate that I have no clue as to what it is.. lol.


  1. Bush or Tree - It's beautiful anyhow

  2. I ran into this same dilemma once. I had this gorgeous bush in our front garden when we moved in. It had the most vibrant pink blossoms in the spring and it was the first to always bloom. I wanted another one. I took a clipping of it and brought it to a greenhouse and asked them to identify it. They did and I was happy to buy one from them. Good luck!

  3. It's called a Prunus. My mom has one in her garden, and I took a pic of it in spring (it's autumn here now).
    I've got my WW post up too.


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