Friday, May 9, 2008

Camp Crazy-- here she comes!

Camp Crazyness here we come..

Drama Queen is going to camp with her school next week~ overnite.. Everyone says ohhhh... ahhhhh.. She is Beyond excited about it. They're going to do this, and that and O. M. G. (she actually says OMG not oh my gawd b/c she's hip like that) Mom we're gonna do this tooo..

So she has this nice list of supplies that we get to buy this weekend so she'll be all ready for camp next week.
Sleeping bag- gee, dont know why she wont take her brother's old scooby doo one .. lol
Poncho- which she thinks is completely ridiculous- if it's raining why do we have to do the planned activity anyway (probably b/c you're only there a limited time and well.. teacher says so?!).
Extra shoes - VERY SMART teachers figured this one out b/c most girls (at least in this school) are wearing flip flops by now! Lol! :)

There's more to the list but it's boring & who really wants a complete recital of it? So we're going to go shopping tonite- just Drama Queen, Daddy Chaos & me..

I honestly cannot remember the last time the three of us went out alone with no other kids- which is kinda sad. This eldest girl-child of mine is growing up sooo fast and soon she'll be at the age where she wants nothing to do with us 'rents.

So Camp Crazy-- watch out! Drama Queen is heading your way and ohh lordy I hope everyone makes it back in one piece! LOL! I remember going to Camp Crazy when I was her age (yes they even did it way back then!).. of course I was a weird clingy child & I got homesick - at Overnite Camp.. Homesick! Go figure! Who knows what was wrong with me !LOL! Thank God I outgrew that.. Shut up. I did.. Ok so maybe I transferred the clingy/homesickness over to my hubby & kids instead of my parents but stilll.. Shhh!

Have fun at Camp , Drama Queen! I'm sure you'll have a blast :)

***side note, totally unrelated.. But did ya'll notice the pretty new bloggy background?! See, I told ya I get bored quickly :)

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