Monday, February 9, 2009

Potty Talk..

Drool Prince is potty training.. again.. He was almost completely trained last summer (a bit early, I know) but then we got Baby Bug and he regressed. Now that he's about to turn 3- we've been working on it again.

With Spoiled Princess, we used the fancy smancy reward chart. It worked wonderfully, but Drool Prince likes a more..substantial reward.

I've finally figured out his weakness. Who knows if our success has been in the rewards, his decision to start going or momma's threat that only Big Boys who go in the Potty turn 3.. yeah, not sure he believes me on that one either.. Either way, he's started going in the potty again.

Hearing those sweet words " Momma, I hafta go PEEE" is music to my ears. He's even figured out how to lean forward so it doesn't spray everywhere! Yay! Score for Drool Prince.

To keep him excited about going, we always clap and say Yay! Good Job Drool Prince whenever he goes potty. He gets 1 treat for pee & 2 for poops. His treat choices are the little candy converstation hearts, marshmallows or gummy bears. Sorry, no M&M's here b/c of allergies :(

Earlier today, I was in the bathroom.. uhmm, going to the bathroom. Having just finished up , I hear Drool Prince come running down the hall- "I hafta go PEE, Momma!!" So I quickly pull up my pants and flush. Not quick enough. He runs in and peers into the potty..

"Ohh Momma, you go poop? GOOD JOB!! You can have 2 candies now!"

gee, thanks hun.


Over the weekend, we were shopping (more about that in another post) . I had Baby Bug in the sling & had already went to the bathroom when Drool Prince announced he had to GO! So I did what most momma's would do in this situation, I declared that Daddy had to take him. I cannot stoop down to help a toddler BOY go pee ,while having the baby strapped to me in the sling.. Sorry, Daddy was going to Have to do it. I don't know about you, but 'round here Daddy doesn't do much in the potty training dept. He can change a mean diaper but when it comes to the potty training, he's usually a bit MIA.

So Daddy Chaos had to man up and took Drool Prince potty. I got the story after he came back out. Apparently Daddy had to pee too, so after DP was done, he told him to stand 'over there' while I go too. Naturally, DP -being a very inquisitive almost 3yo- had to turn around to look at what Daddy was doing.

"DADDY!!! You go pee in you PANTS?!" DP gasps in horror.

Daddy Chaos calmly explained that no he was Not peeing in his pants, geesh!, and when Drool Prince was a big boy, he could pee standing up. He just needs to grow a bit b/c he's too short. Of course we all know where this is going , don't we?

Drool Prince had to Seee how Daddy could pee standing up. So he comes around the front to take a peek.

"You pee'in, Daddy?"

"Yes , Drool Prince.. No go stand back over there."

"ohhh, you pee on me?"

"No, I'm not going to pee on you, but please go stand over there. I'll be done in a minute"

**note, apparently Daddy Chaos has bladder control that I haven't had in 13yrs. cuz I'd have totally been done by now, there is no stopping once it's started**

Drool Prince goes to stand facing away and just when you think it's all over, Daddy hears his little awed voice.

"You have a BIG pee-pee daddy!! I have a little one"

Daddy Chaos has been told that he can go to work and brag to all his work buddies that he totally impressed the 3yo with his size.. Lmao..

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  1. omg, that is soooo funny! I have 2 girls that fortunately went to day care for awhile so they know what ahem, everyone, looks like.


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