Monday, April 21, 2008

Potty Training x 2

You might remember all the problems we've had with Spoiled Princess and using the royal throne.. I am happy to say that we seem to be 98.9% past those issues!!

She has been staying dry THRU THE NIGHT even!

She has been wearing her big girl My Little Pony UNDERWEAR even! (ok, only at home b/c I'm not brave enough to test it when we're out and about)

She's doing wonderfully! I'm soo proud! It's like she finally decided that she could do it & is doing wonderful! What joyful words to hear today : Mommy, I need to go poop.. Who'd have thunk I'd be happy to hear that? lol!

To top things off, Drool Prince has decided that he wants to go on the potty too! We had a foster parent class allllllllllllllll day on Saturday. So grandparents kept him while we 'learned great things to improve our fostering attitudes'.. The report came back ::

He stayed dry the entire time! Potty all the way! We hadn't even started at home yet! He was even dry after nap!?! This is the child that normally pees thru his diaper & clothes at nap & bedtime! Wow!

So I took the plunge and went ahead & bought him some pull ups & we started doing potty training today..

WHY did no one remind me what it's like with BOYS? Not even 10mins ago- I was PEED on TWICE! My pants got wet, my arm got sprayed, the floor is soaked! Sure pee got in the potty too but still.. EWWW..

And those lovely little deflectors that they put on the potty seats? Pardon my french but What the HELL?! All that does is spray the pee in a million different directions.. Alas, my bathroom will never be the same :( At this point he's too concerned with leaning over to watch the pee stream come out (oh and hold his shirt out of the way.. ha) to worry about aiming.. Lordy I can only imagine how messy this journey is going to be.. but he's happy to be peeing & POOPING in the potty already! I could have no kids in diapers soon! WOW!


  1. That's awesome news!! Yeah, boys are SO messy. I recently threatened my older boys 8,9 and 12... they are no longer allowed to pee standing in MY house. haha Yep, I make them sit! I got tired of cleaning up their nasty bathroom. GAG

  2. don't gag, but I taught my boys to aim by floating a cheerio in the bowl and daring them to hit it. Any samll floating thing that can be flushed will work. They had much better aim as small ones then they did as pre-teen/teens. I still remember one time when my son got very heated about being asked to clean up the back of the toilet, insisting that he did not do that even though he was the only male using that bathroom. Finally I challenged him to explain to me how anatomically I or any of the girls would have been able to hit the back of the toilet since we sit to pee. That finally shut him up.
    Eventually we banished all the boys to using one bathroom that they had to pay to have cleaned. I tried making them clean it themselves but we definitely had different definitions of clean.

  3. To be honest? Going out in public with underwear probably won't be an issue. BB will go pee if he absolutely has to but otherwise will hold it in public places.

    So, just our experience!

  4. LOL Great advice guys!
    Kristen- sadly Drool Prince does pee sitting down (he's too short to stand up still) but that doesn't help! LOL!

    Quilted Family- hey the aiming is a great idea! Right now Drool Prince is still trying to peek over his tummy (pacemaker sticks out a bit too) to try and SEE himself pee , no way can he grab it and aim>> LOL!

    Firemom- ahh I wish mine would hold it! Both little ones proclaim loudly that they have to PEEEEE the minute we hit a store.. I guess they have no public bathroom issues.. I kinda wish they did !LOL!


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