Monday, January 19, 2009

BFFs at 4

We went on our first roadtrip since we bought the Monster - I say that lovingly b/c I really do like "We new ban". It's roomier, ohh so much roomier. I don't have the constant "Mom! He's touching me!" "She is on my part of the seat" "Tell (insert random little kid) to quit hitting me and keep their hands inside their carseat" mainly because I can SEPERATE them!! It's wonderful! And it really doesn't drive much different than our Tahoe. Sure I miss the 4x4, especially since we've been drowning in snow lately.. but it works.
Daddy Chaos wasn't too happy that I was taking pictures in the car.. So what if I accidentally forgot to turn off the flash the first time. I did turn it off after you screamed.. And the other time, well I didn't realize the camera would shoot out a burst of light prior to taking a picture even if the flash was off.. But the picture was worth it.. I have no idea when they did this to this building .. maybe it's always been like that and I just never noticed?

The trip itself was fun! We went to the Sketchers store because Daddy Chaos has a bit of an obsession with Sketchers. He is the woman in the relationship when it comes to shoes. Me? I'm too cheap, I'll wear my same pair of shoes until they are falling apart.. And quite frankly, even if they're falling apart- sometimes they're still wearable.. You should see my sandals from last year (and the year before and the year before.. ok, I dont really know how old they are!).

Still Sketchers sucked us right in with their Buy 1 get 1 at 1/2 off sale.. I mean how can you possible just buy ONE pair then? So Daddy Chaos got some new shoes and I got some new ones too.. I think I'm a bit in love with my shoes. They are so soft and fuzzy and comfy! Best of all, I can put them on w/o using any hands! Then Drama Queen found a pair of boots she wanted.. lo and behold, they were on sale AND the sales guy could see the dollar signs just looking at us & assured me that I wanted to buy Spoiled Princess the new light up shoes she was drooling over- he'd let us use the B1G1 -1/2off sale on top of Drama Queens' already sale priced boots.. I have no willpower, once we start spending- ack! Lucky for me, Drool Prince really didn't need new shoes yet, Attitude King opted to stay at home & I couldn't convince Daddy Chaos that Baby Bug really needed some new baby shoes in sketcher version. So we left the store almost $200 lighter but with 4 new pairs of shoes. OUCH!

Drama Queen is loving her new boots, Daddy Chaos already got out his new shoes to lace them up. I've tried on my new slippers shoes.. Spoiled Princess, well she wore her shoes all nite in the house. She tried to convince me that she really needed to wear them TO BED. Yeah, I think she's happy.

After our shopping trip, we ran over to my former IPs (intended parents) house and spent the nite. The kids all had a blast playing together.. Drool Prince got to dress up in all of Dilly (my surrobaby- ok , ok she's 4.5, but I can still call her that) dress up clothes. I have a picture of him wearing every single one of her necklaces- at the same time. I'm surprised his head didn't fall right off from the sheer force of it..

It was just a fun time. Quick trip, time with friends, great pictures to keep the memories. It was amazing to me that Spoiled Princess & Dilly get along so well. Instant BFF's. The child that I carried in my womb for 10 months and my daughter sleeping side by side, all cuddled up next to each other. You just couldn't create a better memory.

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