Monday, December 1, 2008

It's bigger..

It's official.. we've upgraded. Graduated from our lovely SUV which I will miss.. well the 4x4 anyway :)

We bought a 12 passenger van!! ACK!!! I think this is kinda like most mom's having to buy a minivan.. You think well I'd never own something THAT big.. uhmm, unless you're me.. lol!

I went back and forth over the wisdom of a 12passenger.. Techinically we all fit in the Tahoe fine right now.. Sure it's a bit cramped- but we fit! We still don't know if we're getting Spoiled Princess' Big Sis, or Lil Bro for that matter - although I think Big Sis is a much better bet... but if we did, well our comfort level in the tahoe would be pushed beyond it's limit.. I was/am very leary of loosing my 4x4.. I am sure I've mentioned it before but I HATE driving in the snow..

So on the eve of picking up our new-to-us monster, what does it do?? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it SNOWS.. BLAH!!!

Wish me luck!! I am sure I'll figure it all out quickly b/c I dont think I have a moment to even stop this week..
Monday- pick up van
Tues- visit
Thurs- Cardio appt for Baby Bug..
Busy busy busy..


  1. You're one step ahead of us. I'm eying the same thing.

  2. Where are the pics so I can be insanely jealous??



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