Sunday, November 30, 2008


I heard thru the grapevine --ever notice how often that happens! I seem to be a magnet for gossip-- that Spoiled Princess is expecting a new 1/2 sibling sometime.

I guess this explains why her biodad & step-biomom (is that even a relationship? It works for me..) have been MIA and not responding to phone calls or letters.. I'm sure they're hiding out trying to fly under the radar & hoping that they'll get to keep this one.. Quite honestly I wish they would get straightend up and get to keep the new one.. I'd much rather be able to let the kids know each other in some fashion that I know they'd agree with..

So I guess the wait is on.. To see if they get to keep this one or it gets taken.. If taken, and a boy- I'm sure he would be placed with Lil Bro & his foster parents as it should be since they would be full siblings.. However, if taken and a girl.. well Lil Bro's foster parents only take boys... so I have to wonder if we'd actually get a call..

Say a little prayer for this new unborn soul.. I am keeping that family in my prayers & hoping that they've cleaned up enough that this new precious one wont be ripped away (if they can take care of him or her).. Otherwise I'm sure they'll just keep trying.. and trying...

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