Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spoiled Princess has a hard time with her "y" s.. The bigger kids decided it was time to help her out while in the car van( I'm repeatedly told by SP- It not a caroar Mommy, it a BAN!)

Spoiled Princess : Less.
Attitude King : No, say YES.. Ya ya YES..
Spoiled Princess : I said Less.. La la LESS.
AK: Noooo.. Try Yo-yo.. Yo, Yo, Yo, YES!
SP: Lo, Lo, Lo, LESS!
Ak: grrrrrr!

Drama Queen jumps in to save the day: SP, say YELLOW! Yellow , Yellow, Yellow, YES!
SP: Lellow, lellow, lellow, Less!
DQ: Noo, not Lellow.. Ya ya YELLOW.. Yellow , yellow, yellow Yess!
SP: I say Lellow.. LE-LOW- Le-LOW!! LESS!!

Both big kids threw their hands in the air, declared that she was NEVER going to learn and gave up.. lol.. She started talking about "we new Ban" and they then attempted to get her to say Va va VAN.. which naturally worked just as well as the yo-yo yes or yellow yes.. lol..

I just got to sit quietly in the front and laugh.. The girl will get it eventually but it's hilarious how much it bugs the bigger kids that she can't /won't repeat them right.. Little things amuse me these days.

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  1. I know this was written years ago but I'm reading your blog from archives to current and just had to comment, a little boy I used to do daycare for had the same problem but it was SO cute whenever he'd tell his mom "I love loo"


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