Friday, January 16, 2009

When white matters

Have I told you lately what a sweetie Daddy Chaos can be?

He does dishes (cuz I hate to and let them pile up and then b*tch and moan about the mess- yeah I'm lazy like that), he cooks every once in a while, he even rubs my feet if I beg enough. He's a pretty good catch!! But his best feat ever?

He gets all my grey white hairs for ME! Come on, you know your hubby's just can't beat that! He started way back in his early 20's when we had our first born.. Now we're up to 5- going on 6- kids and the man looks a bit like he has highlights.

He called me into the bathroom earlier and put his head down and just said " Would you just LOOK at these?"

I tried to make him feel better, honestly!

"Honey, you really can't see them unless the light hits them just right.. How about I go get the camera so I can put a picture on my blog?"

I was tossed out of the bathroom with that comment.. So no picture for you, sorries. I'm just glad that he's getting them for me- for now. It's those extra 7months that he has on me, I knew they'd be good for something!

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