Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally!! Success!!

I'm thrilled beyond belief about two things..

Naturally I can't tell you about #1. because I haven't even told Daddy Chaos yet, and that just really wouldn't be fair now would it? I will say that I've talked about it before (meant to link but couldn't find a good one that would work..sorry) and things are definitely going our way!!

#2 excitement I can totally share-- I FINALLY after all these years of marriage, beat Daddy Chaos at monopoly! LOL!!! Believe me peeps, he is the type of person that when someone asks if you want to play- you first ask "Is Daddy Chaos playing? Ohh he is ? I think I'll sit this game out". He trounches everyone. I got him good this time.. Naturally, I took pictures.

Look at all my properties..
and all my Mooohlah..
Daddy Chaos quickly took down all my hotels before I could get a picture.. Brat!
He takes defeat sooo well..

And for anyone wondering- the new monopoly w/ the atm cards instead of play money is Awesome.. I'm not just saying it because I beat the snot out of Daddy Chaos playing it.. No more play money getting lost, bent at the corners or torn.. no one trying to claim "Hey- that's MY $50" - yeah Daddy Chaos, we're onto you now!!

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