Saturday, January 10, 2009

Corner time

Spoiled Princess has been going thru a phase lately.. I'm sure you're all familar with it. I'm calling it the "I need to be in the corner at least once a day" phase. She's normally such a good little girl but lately, that naughty streak just keeps breaking thru. The corner is horrrrrrrible for her. She is constantly turning around -

to ask me if her time is up yet? How about now? NOW?

At least in our house, we always have someone else lined up for corner duty next...

My corner sees alot of face time. Maybe I should have them clean instead? Hey! That could work. hmmmm...

*better, more meaningful-or at least not quite so boring- posts soon! *

1 comment:

  1. laughing.... that corner looks like a lovely place to spend the day.
    Hi- I surfed here from somewhere, I have lost track by now. Tudu maybe?


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