Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now serving # 651

Apparently one of my resolutions for 2009 wasn't to blog daily, or if it was *ahem* I'm failing miserably so far.

What can I say? Life gets in the way sometimes! We've been busy! In the next week- I have 3 kids into the dr , 2 kids in for eye exams, 3 kids in for teeth cleaning &/or counting , a homevisit from the CW & a home appraisal (refi).. The last two which mean I need to find time to CLEAN.. Blah!

Baby Bug is being put thru the wringer lately..
*Allergy testing- negative
*Upper GI- no abnormalities, but confirmed instances of reflux
*2 different reflux meds within past month
*added asthma meds
*4shots, 2rounds of amoxicillin & 1 current round of a new antibiotic to fix the perpetual cold he cannot be rid of.
*sleep study scheduled
- slowed eating SIGNIFICANTLY in the past two weeks- going to dr .. The kid is now eating less than 1/2 of what he was eating a month ago..

Good things- he's added his first two teeth!! Awww! And he finally rolled both ways :) Growing up all at once!

Drool Prince is having eye issues. They're always sore and 'itchy'.. Let's all hope he doesn't need glasses and it's just uncontrolled allergies?! I think adding or adjusting his meds would be alot easier on him (and me) than trying to get him to wear- without breaking- glasses!

Spoiled Princess is turning 4 this month!! FOUR! I am completely wordless, no clue how four years have passed since the day I picked her up from the hospital.. She's been having some sleeping issues lately, not sure what's stressing her out but hopefully we'll get past it soon.

Attitude King is still having occasional chest pains. All previous testing came back negative, so I'm not sure what the dr will do other than refer him to the Children's hospital?!

Drama Queen- well she's doing.. lol.. 13 apparently makes you all the sudden an adult completely able to boss around the babies, your tween brother & anyone else without repercussions.. This too shall pass.. right?

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