Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Princess' abound

I came upstairs in my robe this morning.. Too lazy to actually get dressed.. Ok ok, you got me.. I rarely get dressed first thing in the morning if I'm not going anywhere.. Fine I wore a robe b/c my warm long nightgown that I love was in the laundry.. There, happy?

Drool Prince woke up a little while later and when he saw me stand up in my robe (long one vs the short ones that have no purpose to me) he got excited and yelled : Momma!! You a Princess?!!

Aww, sweetness abounds in that child.. Of course not 10mins later he stole one of Drama Queen's headbands, put it on and declared that he was a princess too..


  1. my son is just now getting out of the "i'ma princess" stage. he's 2.5, and it's been going on for about 7 or 8 months. i think it's adorable, but my husband had more than enough the second time he heard it.

    last night i was home alone, trying on my wedding dress for the first time in ten years (what? is that weird?) and they walked in on me. my son was amazed and said "you're a princess! i'll be your prince! let's dance!"

  2. I am soo hoping that Drool Prince isn't far behind your son :) He's 2.75 right now but with an almost 4yo sis who is all about princess stuff, it's hard for him to move past! lol! I agree- absolutely adorable.. Daddy & Pop-Pop, well they're not quite so thrilled!

    Awwww @ your wedding dress scene! That is sooo adorable! And totally not weird to be trying on your wedding dress.. I only wish mine fit (and it's been 13yrs-- and I was 4mo pg..)!


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