Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ultrasounds aren't just for the expecting!

Drool Prince had a pacemaker check at the children's hospital yesterday. Everything looks good. It's still kicking on but not tons which is always good :) The dr did send us home with a holter monitor for 24hrs just to verify that the pacer isn't misfiring at all. Let me tell you the fun & joy it was to have this monitor hooked up to the boy that does not sit still (and also loves to pick at anything on him, including scabs).. I basically wrapped him up in duck tape & sat on him for 24hrs.. ok not really but close enough. Thankfully 24hrs is over, monitor is in the package awaiting UPS' delivery man to come pick it up (too bad we dont' have a smokin hot UPS man.. what ever happened to the days of smokin hot UPS men??).

On the drive to the children's hospital (normally a 2hr drive turned into almost 3hr thanks to traffic, trains, idiot drivers..), we had a bit of a mouth malfunction.. In a bigger city, with 4lanes of traffic going downtown, you would think that either a) there would be no parking on streets or b) ppl parking on the streets would perhaps look before just flopping their doors open willy nilly.. I'm sure you can guess what happened to cause the mouth malfunction right?

Driving along happily with busy traffic in both lanes going roughly 45mph when this idiot parked along the street (with absolutely no real room between parked car & traffic cars) tosses open her door and throws a leg out.. Good way to lose your leg , lady! The car in front of us slams on the breaks & attempts to swerve into the other lane.. We, of course, then had to hit our breaks and get in the other lane..

The conversation that followed :
Momma: Stupid Ass!
Drool Prince: Stupid ass.. stupid ass..
Momma: DP! Don't say that! Momma shouldn't have said it either, not nice word.
Spoiled Princess: I no say stupid ass, Mommy.. I no say it..
Drool Prince: stooopid.... stoopid... ahhhsssss..

:sigh: the things I teach my kids ..


So we went to the dr the other day for Attitude King. I love our family dr. He's the type to tell you what he thinks is wrong but always follows up with "let's do the tests to be sure" or tells you that he's sure its not something "but let's rule it out.".. Some might not care for this approach but personally I'd always rather have the tests done & have it be nothing than have a dr like Dr Stupid who ignores things even when you beg for an xray and it ends up becoming a much larger issue!(see DP's Easter hospital stay..). Good lordy I got off track there..

Anywho.... We go to Dr H (ha, not House.. but OMG do I love that show. I know.. I know back to the story..) and Attitude King explains his symptoms while I try to explain why it took me almost 2months to bring a 10yo in for chest pains so I dont look like a slacker mom. In the end, Dr H decided that he was not willing to give us a diagnosis or even a hint at one (which is pretty unusual for him) but wanted to run some tests & then he'd get back to us..

So next monday AK is set up to give half of his blood, all his urine, 3xrays & an ultrasound.. The boy could not be more excited. I kid you not, he has told every single person about ALLL the tests he is getting done & even tried to get me to go over it again this morning before school so he could tell all his friends.. Sheeesh! Boys! The only bad thing on his spectrum is the fact that the tests don't commence until 3pm & he is not allowed to eat past 9am.. He's decided that he should stay home b/c surely he'll forget at school and slip up.. lol.

I almost had the boy convinced that u/s hurt but I just couldn't keep the giggle from breaking thru.. I got the suffered " Moooooooooooooommmmmmm.."

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