Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sick and Defeated..

We're sick up in this house! It all started with Drool Prince- why is it when a sick child is plastered to your side 24/7 for almost a week you're BOUND to get it too?

Saturday afternoon Drool Prince got sick- nothing big, just not acting like himself. Kinda clingy and not really wanting to eat. No biggie, right? Sunday comes and he now has a low grade fever- still refusing to eat.. Now Drool Prince has this odd quirk about him- he does not know when he's hungry, never has (of course Dr Stupid tells me that it's not worth investigating WHY that is b/c he's in my care & I feed him on a schedule so he's not worried) yet he will eagerly eat if he gets the cues- sees someone else eating, is asked if he wants to eat, gets in his highchair-- he just doesn't recognize the cues within his own body to know he is hungry w/o outside help.. My point to that whole story is not eating really didn't bother him.. We went to the Dr (yes Dr.Stupid b/c DCS refuses to allow me to change drs- which irritates me in itself) on Monday b/c the boy was sitting on my lap all day long Plus not sleeping well at all at nite- needed Mommy to "rot a by" him.. Dr. Stupid says that physically he's the picture of health (even though he has a low grade fever of 100* while in office) and it must be a virus of some sort- bring him back if anythign gets worse..

Today is now Thursday- anyone wanna guess where we're going?? Yup, back to the dr.. I can count on one hand the number of things that Drool Prince has eaten since SATURDAY! Everytime he'd take a bite of something, he'd grab his tummy and say owie, tummy hurt. Low grade fever is persisting & he's still clingy.. Plus he now has this lovely rattley sound to his chest even though we've upped our Asthma treatment to "CODE YELLOW" it doesn't seem to be happening.. But then again Dr Stupid always told us that he didn't have asthma and the wheezing and rattling was 'all in his nose'... Can ya tell how much I love this dr? Seriously though he's a perfectly wonderful dr for well child checkups! ooh and at referring to the children's hospital.. Love him there, just dont take your kid to him if they are sick.. lol.

Alas I woke up coughing, my nose feels funny & my throat kinda hurts.. Not really HURTING yet, but that funny feeling you get when you're just starting to get sick?! Yup.. gonna be lovely! However, I can say that this is the reason we didn't end up with that little 14mo last week.. I always believe that everything happens for a reason and apparently here's my reason..

Well I was going to write more but alas, Drool Prince is up.. Be watching for my update to the prayer request, although I'm not seeing the reason yet I dont think it's going to be working out and I'm feeling soo defeated.. No other avenues to explore, nothing else I can do to make it work.. I really detest DCS and the way they play favorites..

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