Friday, February 15, 2008

New one!! ooops, never mind..

I was giving the little ones their baths this morning & the phone rang.. Thankfully I have finally learned that if I plan on doing little kids baths then I must, Must, MUST bring the phone with me because everytime I don't - it rings! Drives me crazy!

At this point in my fostering life, I have given up on new placements. Drool Prince is medically needly ~ ie. we were driving 1.5hrs once a week to the children's hospital his first year of life.. So for the past almost 2yrs we haven't gotten any new placements or calls for new placements. In the beginning of foster care- heck for the first year and half- EVERY time the phone rang I would check caller ID and get that butterflies in the tummy feeling if it showed up DCS.. Another baby? Maybe! Sadly I now know that if DCS shows up it's just b/c they want to witch at me about something or change something in his schedule. They dont like me at the one county because- Heaven FORBID- I stand up for my kids rights. Naughty naughty..

But I digress-- the phone rang and OFC Child Srvs shows up.. Hmmm, DCS of some sort but not my normal county.. Answering the phone goes something like this :

I answer tentatively : Hello?

Momma Chaos??, the voice responds..

Yes, this is Momma Chaos..

Hi this is Vicki from neighboring county DCS, we were wondering if you'd be interested in a 14mo baby boy?

Inside I'm thinking YES YES YES.. But I did ask to call back in 5mins after I double checked with DH.. Now if it had been a newborn I wouldn't have bothered b/c he couldnt have talked me out of it. But a 14mo, I do have a 2 &3yo so I kinda felt the need to get approval first (yes I'm bad about needing approval/validation).. Ironically DH agreed! So I call back..

Vicki, this is Momma Chaos. We'd love to have the 14mo boy, can you tell me more about him? Why is he in the hospital? How big is he? Name?? ect..

Vicki says : I know nothing til I pick him up later today .. He's at Close By Children's hospital and is in for ODing on narcotics, but that's all I know now. I'll call you at noon when I pick him up.

So the rest of the day I'm OMGing.. Getting things around, picking up our extra carseat from a friend that had borrowed it, taking Drool Prince to his visits ect.. I get home at 2pm and still no call from DCS.. I call them and guess what? They no longer need me --they were able to find family placement.. Now of course I am completely happy that this little one was able to go home with a family member- someone he knows and is probably bonded to.. But I'm soo disappointed..

Spoiled Princess had a complete meltdown (note to self- do NOT mention any possible placements in front of her until said placement is IN home EVER again!!) because we did not go pick up her new friend "boy"..

Soooo we were ---this---- close to a new placement before it slipped away.. Now ya know what? I'm back to checking caller id when I answer the phone.. lol! One good thing is that I talked to two new caseworkers at neighboring county DCS and both promised to keep me on their list and hopefully call me again soon.. I've definitely noticed in the past that once they actually call you and you accept- they're more likely to call you again.. Back in the game of waiting and wishing..

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  1. Oh I remember that so well. Jumping at every phone call! You know, as much as I hated the waiting in between placements, that was the best part of doing FC. Oh the excitment! The unknown! Boy/Girl/Age/When/Where/Why Rushing around preparing every last detail ...but then came the let down when they no longer need you anymore.


    (((HUGS))) Hang in there, it wasn't the "one".


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