Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stress BITES..

Today goes down in the record books for my award of "shittiest mom moments".. I'll start off with my excuses b/c come on that has to count for something right?

#1. I'm sick.. I feel like warmed over dog vomit. You know the kind that the dog pukes, eats, then proceeds to puke again? TMI, well that's just to prove that I feel THAT bad. My head is stuffed beyond it's limits with snot. resulting in one of those lovely sinus headaches where you're sure your head will actually explode any moment, yet you are looking forward to it b/c it will actually offer some relief.
#2. Aunt Flo is visiting. Dumb b*tch. Can't she at least leave me alone when I have the cold from hell?
#3. Everyone else in the house has been sick , with me getting it last- probably b/c my poor body is tired and wore down from taking care of them and staying up at nite with the baby who's nose does not want to unclog.. It's a plot.. Wear mom down and then ATTACK with the killer cooties..
#4. I'm just bitchy, what can I say? Colds make this way.

So needless to say when a certain 3yo is supposed to be napping and continously yells :
I need to go PEE!!
(after having just went right before bed)
GET UP AND GO PEE THEN DAMMIT! comes out of my mouth.. ugh.. After peeing is done begins the next phase:

I'm HOT.. HOT. I'm HOT..
OMG take off your blanket if you're hot and quit whining!
(told ya I was a bitch today)

Then we move onto the 2yo.. Who decided once in his bed for naptime that he really didn't want to nap after all. What's this? The child that LOVES his sleep. That naps for 3-4hrs a day?? What demon has possessed my sweet boy? When I go back down to remind him that we shouldnt be yelling in our bed but should be laying down quietly and going to sleep, I find what caused my meltdown.

The boy has stripped his blankets/sheets from his bed and proceeded to somehow poke holes thru the plastic of his crib mattress and RIP pieces of plastic off.. OMG! What would possess you to do such a thing?

I may have screamed just a little bit about how we should NOT destroy our mattresses and how we should be good boys and go to sleep when it's naptime and for God's sake Mommy is sick and grumpy can we please just work with me.. And then I hugged him and cried.. And then he says : Sorry mommy. no cry.. Which of course only makes you cry harder..

I think I need some sleep.. Some NON -head filled with snot sleep.. maybe even a big shot in the butt to knock this stupid cold on its ass? Mother of the Year award is passing me by yet again..

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  1. That was me just a few days ago. I'm sure you're a great Mom even if you lose your cool every once and a while. Otherwise that would make you a stepfordmom - lol. Your kids need to see that it's okay to get mad sometimes, no sense in raising them to bottle everything up! That's my view anyhow. Take care.


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